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Below is a list of frequently used eye terms

Astigmatism - a condition caused by an irregular shape of the cornea leading to a blurred retinal image. Some symptoms can include eyestrain, distorted vision, or problems with night driving.

Cataracts - a condition which causes clouding in the lens of the eye. They are commonly associated with increased age. Other factors causing cataracts can include UV light exposure, trauma, smoking, and certain medications and health conditions. Symptoms may be cloudy vision, halos around lights, and glare.

Farsighted (hyperopia) - condition which causes light to focus behind the retina causing a blurred image. For most people objects at distance will be clear and objects at near will be blurry.

Glaucoma - a disease that results in optic nerve damage and peripheral (side) vision loss when left untreated. In chronic glaucoma, patients often have no symptoms initially. Treatment can include eye drops and in some cases surgery is needed. Individuals whose parents or siblings have glaucoma are at increased risk for developing this condition.

Macular degeneration (Age Related Macular Degeneration) - disease in which central vision slowly decreases over time. Having a family member with this condition increases the risk of future development. Smoking and UV light exposure have also been shown to increase your risk. In some individuals certain eye vitamins can help slow the progression.

Nearsighted (myopia) - condition when light focuses in front of the retina causing a blurred image. Most people will have blurry vision at distance and clear vision at near.

Presbyopia - a condition that develops around the age of 40 causing problems with focusing. Symptoms can include blurry vision at near, eyestrain, and headaches. This is alleviated by the use of reading glasses, bifocal glasses, or bifocal contact lenses.

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